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Criminal Justice Careers - Law Enforcement Employment - Crime Scene Investigators - Online Law Degrees

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Criminal Justice careers can be exciting and rewarding. They can range from crimes scene investigators who work in the field to crime lab and forensic scientists, from paralegals to criminal defense lawyers and prosecutors, from corrections officer working in state prisons, to a homicide detective who leads the investigation to solve murders. Many government organizations also need people who have a strong understanding of criminology and crime statistics, such as the FBI and Homeland Security. There are many support roles throughout the criminal justice and law enforcement community. If you are interested in exploring the possibility of a career in criminal justice, some of the programs below offer educational programs online to get you started on your career. The online programs listed here can help you improve your current career in law enforcement or criminal justice, or it can help you make a career change to the criminal justice field. The Internet has made it possible to continue working your current job while learning a whole new specialty - opening up the possibilities for an exciting and rewarding future. The following are the most well known online university degree programs in the Criminal Justice arena.

Type of Degree

University Description  
B.A. in Criminal Justice Kaplan University
With the growing presence of our homeland security, the need for qualified criminal justice and security professionals is greater than ever. Whether you are currently in law enforcement, corrections, or private security, or looking to enter one of these fields, an online criminal justice degree or certificate from Kaplan University can make all the difference. In a typical 30-year career, the difference between having one or not can add up to several hundred thousand dollars. We even offer qualified students an opportunity to intern at a top crime lab for hands-on learning. If you are interested in criminal justice work, Kaplan criminal justice degrees can give you the edge to get ahead in your career.
Master's Degree of Justice Administration Norwich University

Norwich University's Online Master of Justice Administration is much more than the typical criminal justice master's program. It offers a unique online program that combines highly desired Public Administration topics with those specific to the Criminal Justice system. Click Here for more Information.

Request FREE information on Norwich's online Master's in Justice Administration >>
Bachelor's and Master's Degree Programs in Economic Crime Utica College
Enter the high-demand, high-paying world of Economic Crime Investigation. Utica College, a world leader in economic crime prevention education, provides regionally accredited Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree programs in Economic Crime—each instructed by select Utica faculty members demonstrating industry-renowned experience in economic crime investigation and computer crime control. Due to the tremendous success of its economic crime programs, Utica College launches its MBA in Professional Accountancy online.

Do you want to be a white collar crime fighter? Utica College's Economic Crime degrees focus on combating business Fraud. Investigate your options >>


Bachelors of Science
Criminal Justice Administration

University of Phoenix

The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration is to equip adult learners with a fundamental understanding of the nature of delinquency and crime, criminal law and procedure, the goals and essential components of the American criminal justice system, and to teach basic management and administrative skills to run organizations in this area. The program also strives to familiarize students with current trends, research techniques, and technological advances in the discipline.

Fit a college degree into your busy schedule via the Internet.

Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Criminal Justice American Intercontinental University
AIU (American Intercontinental University) offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Criminal Justice. You can earn a master's degree in less than a year if you already have an undergraduate degree. The growing emphasis on homeland security has created an unprecedented demand for criminal justice and security professionals and AIU Online's accelerated degree program can help you put your fingerprint on this growing employment trend. Earn your degree online while you continue to work.
Paralegal, Associate Certificate Kaplan School of Paralegal Studies
The paralegal profession is growing fast to meet increased demand, as more lawyers join the workforce. Enrolling in one of our accredited paralegal studies programs will help you advance your career in this field and make you a top employment prospect.

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Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Careers

Crime Lab and Crime Scene

Crime Scene Technician
Crime Scene Photographer
Forensics Specialist / Forensic Scientist
:Forensics Lab Technician
Fingerprint Specialist
Forgery Specialist

Legal, Law, and Court Jobs

Attorney / Lawyer
Legal Aid
Legal Assistant
Court Transcriptionist or Stenographer
Bail Bondsman
Legal Researcher

Law Enforcement Jobs

Police Officers
Sheriff or Sheriff's Deputy
Vice Cop
Homicide Investigator
Police Detective
Bomb and Explosives Specialist
State Police
Highway Patrol
Drug Enforcement
U.S. Marshalls
Sky Marshalls
Homeland Security
FBI Agent

Related Criminal Justice Jobs

Behavioral Profiler
Private Investigator or Private Detective
Security Analyst
Security Guard
911 Operator
Computer Technology Specialist / IT

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