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Techniques of Crime Scene Investigation
Barry Fisher was the head of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's crime lab. The LA Sheriff's crime lab is second in size only to the FBI's crime lab. Fisher also occasionally teaches Forensic Sciences at UCLA. I've taken his class which included a tour of the impressive crime lab facilities. They have the second largest gun collection after the FBI too. This book is an excellent text on the fundamentals of crime scene investigation. Learn more >>


Murder in America
Discusses different types of murders and uses statistics, behavioral data, and related resources to develop theories for the phenomenon of high-murder rates in America. A well-rounded text that is a good "primer" if you would like to better understand what differentiates different types of murderers.

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America's Dumbest Criminals
Have a good laugh at these criminals who make law enforcement's job of catching them oh so much easier :-)

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Cop Tales

Real stories by real cops. Fascinating, thrilling, dark, and at times, humorous.

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Police Administration

Structures, Processes, and Behavior

Comprehensive reference book on police administration. 6th Edition

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This post 9/11 update is an excellent primer for anyone interested in the historic roots of terrorism and a strong overview of the issue today.

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