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For almost 10 years Crime Spider has looked for the best crime and law enforcement sites and categorized topics so you don't have to sort through hundreds of sites to find the one that fits the bill. You can easily find the information you want at Crime Spider. Whether you are doing research on criminalistics, forensic anthropology, FBI, unsolved murders, homicide investigation techniques, child abuse, domestic violence, the death penalty, terrorism, criminal justice, law and courts, behavioral profiling, gang violence, juvenile crime, missing persons, serial killers or mass murderers, criminals, police, crime scene photos, we can help you find the crime information you want. We also have tips for people searches and protecting your privacy as well as features on specific topics of interest to crime and law enforcement professionals, such as links to police jobs sites and crime scene investigation supplies. Also check out the Crime Spider Drugs & Crime blog.

Cases, Investigation
Bank Robbery
Cases, Law Enforcement
Juvenile Crime, Missing Children, Safety and Education
Cops and Community
Cops Online, Crime Stoppers, Employment
Correctional Systems
Correctional Officers, Death Row, Prisons
Crime Studies
Criminologists, Criminology, Educational Programs, Profiling
Crime Scene Reconstruction, DNA, Forensic Anthropology...
Crime Scene Photos
Computer Forensics, Internet Crime, Predators Online
Domestic Violence
Child Abuse, Spousal Abuse, Homicide, Hotlines
Drug Enforcement
Drugs, Legalization, Organizations
Financial Crimes
Consumer Fraud, Corporate Fraud, Identity Theft
Government Agencies
Canada, International, United States
Case Studies, Mass Murder, Serial Murder...
Identification and Tracking
DNA Labs, Fingerprints, High Tech
In the News
Crime Coverage, Editorial or Commentary
Industrial Espionage
Informational, Security & Prevention
Civil Law, Courts, Criminal Law, Innocence Campaigns, Legal Research, District Attorney, Death Penalty
Local Law Enforcement
Highway Patrol, Police Departments, Sheriffs
Most Wanted
Canada, International, U.S. Federal Lists, U.S. State Lists

Net Detective
Net Detective Software

Private Investigation
Private Detectives, Private Investigation Firms
Reading Room
Crime Bookstore, Crime Writers, Mysteries
Reference Material
Crime Statistics, Law Enforcement, Legal and Courts
Safety and Prevention
Children, Crime Prevention Tools, Home Protection
Sex Crimes
Legislation, Prevention, Research and Resources, Sex Offender Lists
Special Topics
Animal Cruelty, Drunk Driving, Hate Crimes, Organized Crime, K9 & Mounted Police, Human Rights, Drunk Driving

Supplies and Equipment
Crime Scene, Law Enforcement, Spy Shops, Other

Agencies, Biological and Chemical, Domestic U.S.
TV and Movies
Crime Movies, True Crime, TV Crime Dramas
Unsolved Crimes
Cold Cases, Infamous & Classic Cases, Missing Persons
Victims Rights
Organizations, Police Brutality
Virtual Crime Solving
Homicide, Murder Mystery Events, Online Mystery Games
Guns and Gun Control, Non-Lethal, Training
Web Communities
Discussions, ListServ and Mail Groups, News Groups
Weird or Bizarre
Aliens, Conspiracy, Cults, Hoaxes
Women and Crime
Hotlines, Prevention and Safety, Sexual Assault, Stalking
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